Final Prediction Form is available

Predictions are due on the time and date shown on the Form

The Champions League Final taking place Saturday, June 1 features the two English clubs Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool FC as well as a fight to the finish for our four podium spots and being our overall winner.

The Final is our last round, but everything is still wide open!

The Prediction Form is available here. Please make your predictions!

Overall (through Semi-finals round)
1 Doug Wansbrough 235 $50.00
2 Michael Poplawski 219 $25.00
3 Wes Zetaruk 210 $15.00
4 Pedro Oliveira 202 $10.00
5 Tim Harris 200
6 Steffen Warias 198
7 Joel Palmer 197
8 John Lo 191
9 John Woycheshin 168
10 Casey Farrell 164

UEFA Champions League

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