Hello, players,

As we didn’t really have a race on Sunday, I thought I would put it to all the players as to whether any results should come out of the events on Sunday.

Strictly speaking, there was a race result. I have scored the event which I have attached here. The results, if we choose to keep them, are pretty much immaterial on our game.

My preference would be to discard the results for our Prediction Challenge game entirely.

Can I please ask you to reply to this message as to whether you agree with scrapping the results for this round? I will ask for unanimous agreement to do so.

Thank you!


FIA Formula 1 World Championship Prediction Challenge! 2021 12 🇧🇪 Belgian Grand Prix Scoring

🥇 $35.00 🥈 $24.50 🥉 $10.50

Formula 1 2018