A dramatic crash between title protagonists Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen that took both drivers out of the race cleared the way for Daniel Ricciardo (right) to claim a sensational victory in the Italian Grand Prix, giving McLaren their first race win since the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix – and a one-two to boot, as he led home team mate Lando Norris (left), with Valtteri Bottas taking third, in a thrilling race at Monza.

Top Point Drives of the Day

  1. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes): 40 points, capturing a podium place from the back of the grid
  2. Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren-Mercedes): 27 points, leading a McLaren 1-2 contingent after his own P8 start
  3. Sergio Pérez (Red Bull Racing-Honda): 23 points, finishing fifth from a 4th row starting position

Our Game

Danielle and Doug led the way, as their matching selections earned top marks in six of the seven rows that scored points for our players. No significant changes could be found at the top of our standings as John Lo continues to lead over Danielle and Wes.

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Italian Grand Prix Predictions and Results

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