Max Verstappen won an action-packed 2022 Spanish Grand Prix as pole-sitter Charles Leclerc retired from a comfortable lead. Sergio Perez took second place to secure Red Bull’s second one-two of the season, as George Russell finished third for Mercedes, having been involved in an epic bout with eventual winner Verstappen.

Top Point Drives of the Day

  1. Sergio Pérez (Red Bull Racing RBPT): 28 points, ceding only first place to defending world champion Verstappen
  2. Fernando Alonso (Alpine Renault): 27 points, finishing 9th from a penalty-caused P20 starting position
  3. Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing RBPT): 26 points, overcoming early mechanical troubles and a spin to win his fourth race of the season

Our Game

6 race
🇪🇸 Spanish Grand Prix Predictions and Results

Steve was top scorer for the third time in six races, earning top marks in six of the nine scoring rows. Michael, John and Doug continued to hold their prize positions after a Spanish Grand Prix that did came through on its promise to shake up our season standings.

Standings after 6 🇪🇸 Spanish Grand Prix

1 Michael Poplawski 783
2 John Lo 759
3 Steve Nicks 757
4 Doug Wansbrough 751
5 Deanna Nicks 710
6 John Cavelti 707
7 Ian Aaron 690
8 Wes Zetaruk 687
9 Chris Burnett 676
10 Danielle Bourgeois 658
11 Richard Owens 636

🥇 $55.00 🥈 $27.50 🥉 $16.50 🍍 $11.00

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