🏁 Perez Holds Off Challengers at Monte Carlo


Red Bull’s Sergio Perez won his first race of 2022 by 1.1 seconds after a nailbiting end to the Monaco Grand Prix, with Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen unable to make it past the Mexican – and Charles Leclerc losing out after dropping from pole to P4.

Top Point Drives of the Day

  1. Sergio Pérez (Red Bull Racing RBPT): 33 points, taking advantage of smart pit sequencing to win from P3
  2. Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri RBPT): 25 points, moving up to 11th from P17
  3. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Ferrari): 19 points
    Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing RBPT): 19 points

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7 race

Monaco Grand Prix Predictions and Results

Doug earned top marks for the first time this season, matching Michael on the day, and moved up into third place for the season. John Lo continues to hold second place behind Michael, while Steve continues in fourth with a cushion over Deanna.

Standings after 7 🇲🇨 Monaco Grand Prix

1 Michael Poplawski 890
2 John Lo 861
3 Doug Wansbrough 858
4 Steve Nicks 855
5 Deanna Nicks 812
6 John Cavelti 805
7 Wes Zetaruk 793
8 Ian Aaron 791
9 Chris Burnett 766
10 Danielle Bourgeois 749
11 Richard Owens 739

🥇 $55.00 🥈 $27.50 🥉 $16.50 🍍 $11.00

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