Form submission deadlines:

We’re now approaching the end of the tournament. 10 players can still conceivably still win it all! 

Players are given until the prior evening to submit predictions for the following day’s game; the games will be played at 7 AM PT Saturday and Sunday mornings.

There are two Prediction Forms to submit: the most important one, relating to the Final, must be submitted by 22:00 Saturday:

The Final is the last round that counts towards our cumulative scoring.

The other Form to submit is for the Third Place Playoff Game. The Third Place Playoff Game is not used in the cumulative scoring, but will be used to break any ties in our final game standings. The Form is due 22:00 Friday

Standings through Semi-finals Round
1 Wes Zetaruk 281
2 Michael Poplawski 270
3 Richard Owens 239
4 Doug Wansbrough 228
5 Clint Lalonde 226
6 John Lo 213
7 Lukas Hahn 211
8 Pedro Oliveira 205
9 Eleanor Liddy 203
10 Dave Duerksen 182
11 John Woycheshin 157
12 Joel Palmer 124

Good luck!

2022 la'eeb