Sergio Perez converted pole position into victory at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix as team mate Max Verstappen recovered from P15 to make it successive one-two finishes for Red Bull. Fernando Alonso put his Aston Martin on the podium again with a fine drive, before being stripped of P3 and then having it reinstated after a stewards’ review.

Top Point Drives of the Day

  1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing RBPT) 44 points A P15 starting place could not prevent finishing second five seconds off his winning teammate
  2. Sergio Pérez (Red Bull Racing RBPT) 27 points A Saturday-Sunday sweep for the Mexican driver
  3. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 23 points P7 after starting P12

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🇸🇦 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Predictions and Results

Danielle’s score was tops on a day where little separated the best from the worst. John Lo continues to lead ahead of Richard, Steve and Danielle.

Standings after 2 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
1 John Lo 265
2 Richard Owens 247
3 Steve Nicks 246
4 Danielle Bourgeois 244
5 Ian Aaron 241
6 Doug Wansbrough 237
7 Deanna Nicks 237
8 John Cavelti 234
9 Wes Zetaruk 233
10 Michael Poplawski 231

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