Stanley Cup Playoffs Prediction Challenge! Entry Form

Stanley Cup Trophy

Entry is due no later than 16:00 PT Wednesday, April 10

Please see the Rules for more information about the game, including the full set of rules.

The game is played in four rounds worth 100 points each towards your total score, and an entry form must be submitted before each round’s games begin.

Once you’ve submitted your entry, payment is due. Please pay in person, mail or using PayPal or Interac. Thank you!

Conference quarterfinals (eight series)–100 points

Series are best-of-seven

Five points for getting series winner right
Five points for getting series game score exactly right.
One point taken off for each game incorrect, with lowest possible score being zero
10 bonus points to players with most correct series predictions
10 bonus points to players getting most series games scores exactly right
Maximum Score: 100

Entry Form

Below, for each of the eight Conference Quarterfinals series, select one of the eight possible results. The choices for each series show the number of games each team the first- and second-listed team will win, respectively.

Good luck!



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