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UEFA Champions League Prediction Challenge! 2019/20 Entry Form Tester

UEFA Champions League

Entry form is due no later than 10 AM PT Tuesday, September 17

For each group, select the finishing order. Points will be awarded based on how close the predicted order is to the actual result. Bonus points are also awarded for having the most first- and second-place teams correctly predicted to reach the knockout rounds, as well as having the greatest number of groups exactly correct. (Full description of points can be found below the form, full set of rules can be found on the Rules page.)


Group Stage (100 Points)

Each team plays six games in their group: one home and one away to each other team in their group.

Object: Predict the correct order of finish in each group.

10 points for getting a group in the correct order, less 2 points for each position incorrect (max 80, min 0)
10 bonus points for getting the most qualifiers (top 2 in each group) correct (max 10)
10 bonus points for getting the most groups exactly correct (max 10)


The club coefficients below reflect each team’s performance during the past five seasons of UEFA Club competition. Rank=rank among the 32 teams participating in the Group Stage.

Group Rank Club Name Country 5-Year Coefficient
A 1  Real Madrid ESP 146.000
A 7  Paris Saint-Germain FRA 103.000
A 21  Club Brugge BEL 39.500
A 27  Galatasaray TUR 22.500
B 3  Bayern Munich GER 128.000
B 13  Tottenham Hotspur ENG 78.000
B 20  Olympiacos GRE 44.000
B 30  Red Star Belgrade SRB 16.750
C 6  Manchester City ENG 106.000
C 11  Shakhtar Donetsk UKR 80.000
C 24  Dinamo Zagreb CRO 29.500
C 31  Atalanta ITA 14.945
D 4  Atlético Madrid ESP 127.000
D 5  Juventus ITA 124.000
D 18  Bayer Leverkusen GER 61.000
D 25  Lokomotiv Moscow RUS 28.500
E 8  Liverpool ENG 91.000
E 11  Napoli ITA 80.000
E 19  Red Bull Salzburg AUT 54.500
E 26  Genk BEL 25.000
F 2  Barcelona ESP 138.000
F 10  Borussia Dortmund GER 85.000
F 23  Inter Milan ITA 31.000
F 29  Slavia Prague CZE 21.500
G 14  Zenit Saint Petersburg RUS 72.000
G 16  Benfica POR 68.000
G 17  Lyon FRA 61.500
G 28  RB Leipzig GER 22.000
H 9  Chelsea ENG 87.000
H 15  Ajax NED 70.500
H 22  Valencia ESP 37.000
H 32  Lille FRA 11.699




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