World Cup of Hockey Prediction Challenge! Rules



How it works
The game is scored out of 300 points (100 points per round). You receive an entry form before each round, make some simple predictions, and then cross your fingers. The player with the highest score after three rounds is the winner!

Who may enter
One entry per person. No limit to number of players!

How to play

Predictions are submitted prior to each round. Updates are sent every couple of days during the tournament in a printable PDF file and posted to this web site.


$10. all money goes into the prize pool to be returned to players as prizes.

Group Stage (100 Points)

Each team plays three games in their group: one each against each team in their group.

Object: Predict the correct order of finish in each group.

40 points for getting a group in the correct order, less 5 points for each position incorrect (max 80, min 0)
10 bonus points for getting the most qualifiers (top 2 in each group) correct (max 10)
10 bonus points for getting the most groups exactly correct (max 10)

Semifinals (100 points)

One game is played between each pair of semifinalists

Object: Predict the winner and final game score

20 points for each game winner correct (max 40)
20 points for each score correct, less 5 points for each goal incorrect (min 0 per game, max 40)
10 bonus points for getting the most game winners correct
10 bonus points for getting the most scores exactly correct

Final Series (100 points)

The two finalists play a best-of-three series

50 points for getting the winner correct
25 points for getting the games won by each team correct, less 15 points for each game incorrect (min 0, max 25)
25 points for getting the overall series score margin correct from the point of view of the team predicted to win, less 5 points for each goal incorrect (min 0, max 25)


If players are still tied at the end of the game the tie will be broken based on the following:

1) Most points in the Final Series Round
2) Most points in the Semifinals Round

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