Divisional Playoffs Prediction Form Now Available

January 14, 2021

NFL PlayoffsThe Divisional Playoffs Prediction Form is now available; please submit your entry by the deadline time shown on the form.

Good luck!

Buccaneers, Bills and Browns End Droughts, Rams, Ravens and Saints Also Advance

January 11, 2021

Austin Hooper #81 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates a touchdown with Donovan Peoples-Jones #11 during the Browns 48-37 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card Playoff game on Sunday. (Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

John Woycheshin is our leader after the first round of four in our game, thanks to predicting five of the six Wild Card winners (along with Petr) and predicting three winning margins within 3 points. Petr and Logan follow in the two provisional prize spots.

For download (PDF): NFL Playoffs Prediction Challenge! 2021 Wild Card Games

Wild Card Games
1 John Woycheshin 69
2 Petr Havlik 58
3 Logan Zetaruk 52
4 Doug Wansbrough 42
5 Sheryl Johnson 35
Wes Zetaruk 35
7 Tom Courtney 32
8 Michael Poplawski 29
9 John Lo 17

NFL Playoffs

Wild Card Games Predictions

January 9, 2021

NFL PlayoffsWelcome to the 2021 NFL Playoffs!

We have nine players playing for football supremacy, with a $45 top prize, and two additional prizes.

Five of the six games have a heavy favourite, with the Ravens-Titans promising to be the key game, in this important first round of four as we proceed to determine a winner in our game.

Game Picks

Good luck, and enjoy the games! Kickoff is in just minutes!

For download (PDF): NFL Playoffs Prediction Challenge! 2021 Wild Card Predictions

2021 NFL Playoffs Prediction Challenge! Your Invitation

January 5, 2021

NFL PlayoffsThe NFL’s regular season is over which means one thing: 12 teams will be vying for NFL championship glory in Super Bowl LV.

The Prediction Challenge! is easy to play: just pick the game winners and the margins of victory each weekend (no more than six games to predict in any given weekend) during the playoffs. Each of the four rounds counts equally towards a player’s final score!

The Entry Form requires players to begin by selecting the teams that will win each game, and the margin of victory.

Like other Prediction Challenges, points will be awarded based on whether the winning team has been correctly predicted, and the predicted margin of victory will also be scored as well. (For the latter case, if one team is predicted to win by 3 points, the other team wins by six, that prediction is incorrect by nine points.)

Bonus points will be awarded based on how many winning teams are correct, as well as how many scores are predicted correctly to within three points.

There is no limit to the number of players who may enter.

It’s $10 to play, as usual!

Hope you’ll join us! Kickoff is Saturday morning, Victoria time!

🏁 Verstappen Strong to Finish Season at Abu Dhabi, Final Season Results

December 13, 2020


An imperious display from Max Verstappen saw him breeze to his second victory of 2020 at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix season finale, leading home the Mercedes duo of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, who had no answer to the Red Bull’s pace around the Yas Marina Circuit.

Top Point Drives of the Day

  1. Daniel Ricciardo (Renault): 32 points, finishing 7th from P11 in his last race for Renault
  2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing-Honda): 26 points, concluding a weekend sweep of qualifying and the Sunday race
  3. Alexander Albon (Red Bull Racing-Honda): 20 points, turning up the pace to finish 4th ahead of Lando Norris

Our Game

John Lo was the leader on our day, earning top points on what turned out to be a difficult race to handicap, earning 110 out of possible 148 points, and having the better driver in five of the nine scoring rows.

Congratulations to Ian, our 2020 Champion!

Congratulations to Ian upon his first Prediction Challenge win! Danielle came on strong the last two races of the season to secure second place ahead of John Cavelti who repeated his podium finish of 2019.

I hope all players enjoyed this Formula 1 Prediction Challenge! and the chance to match wits with other motorsport fans in this most unusual year! Thank you for playing! ~ Michael

17 Race

🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Predictions and Results

For download (PDF)

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Predictions

December 12, 2020

Formula 1 2018Our season-ending Grand Prix will have all rows in play, with eight of them being either even or 4-2 splits on favoured drivers.

Ian looks to be hard to unseat from top spot with a 76-point lead, but only 19 points separate Danielle and John Cavelti in the battle for second.

Enjoy the  Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!

For download

FIA Formula 1 World Championship Prediction Challenge! 2020 17 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Predictions


17 Predictions

🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Predictions

🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Prediction Form Available

December 12, 2020


Max Verstappen delivered a magical lap in qualifying to snatch a shock pole position for the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver getting the better of Mercedes for the first time in 2020 with the top three separated by just 0.086s…

Please note the earlier Form submission time for this Grand Prix. Thank you! ~Michael

The Prediction Form is now available, based on the grid available at this time and is due by 21:00 Pacific Time Saturday.

Predictions will be tabulated and published before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix begins.

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 11.36.25

Abu Dhabi Starting Grid as at 11:36 PST Saturday

Formula 1 2018

Group Stage Results

December 10, 2020


The line-up for the UEFA Champions League round of 16 is complete

For download (PDF)

UEFA Champions League Prediction Challenge! 2020-21 Group Stage

Our Game

John Woycheshin narrowly edged John Lo for honours in the first round of five in our game. Our leader was one of three players to have 14 advancing teams correct and one of two players to have four groups exactly right.

Our game continues with February’s Round of 16 matchups.
Season’s Greetings! ~ Michael


Group Stage 
1 John Woycheshin 72
2 John Lo 70
3 Wes Zetaruk 62
4 Michael Poplawski 48

🥇 $30.00 🥈 10.00 UEFA Champions League

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Weekend

December 10, 2020

Formula 1 2018The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix takes place this weekend with a start time of 5:10 Pacific Standard Time Sunday.

The Prediction Form will be due by 23:00 Pacific Time Saturday, December 12. 

Watch for the Form to be made available during the day on Saturday at the Prediction Challenges! web site. An e-mail notification will be sent as a helpful reminder.

🏁 Perez Captures First Grand Prix on Sakhir Course in Bahrain

December 6, 2020


Sergio Perez’s F1 future may be uncertain – but whatever happens, the Mexican is now an F1 winner, after he benefitted from a nightmare Sakhir Grand Prix for Mercedes to claim his first ever Formula 1 victory, as Renault’s Esteban Ocon and Racing Point’s Lance Stroll completed the podium on a wild evening in Bahrain.

Top Point Drives of the Day

  1. Esteban Ocon (Renault): 40 points, splitting the two Racing Points on the podium after qualifying 11th
  2. Sergio Pérez (Racing Point-BWT Mercedes): 33 points, earning the victory after avoiding the crash that eliminated the second row of the starting grid
  3. Lance Stroll (Racing Point-BWT Mercedes): 30 points, finishing third after qualifying 10th

Our Game

Danielle’s choice of Lance Stroll was critical in her battle with John Cavelti, providing her with the margin to leapfrog into second place, and giving her a 19-point lead to defend in the last Grand Prix in a week’s time.

16 Race

Sakhir Grand Prix Predictions and Results

For download (PDF)

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