Prediction Challenges!

Challenging the sports fan since 2004

About Prediction Challenges!

Prediction Challenges! began in 2004 as an answer to a long-standing question… “What are we supposed to do once the Rotisserie Hockey League season is over?”

The RHLers never seemed to have the energy to get together after our six-month battle to come up with something to spice up the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Variations on the Rotisserie theme never seemed to result in anything, so something different had to be invented.

Something easy.

Something which would make us look at every team in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Something that would keep us interested until the last game.

The light bulb above my head turned on, and I saw the Stanley Cup Playoffs as four rounds, and I thought, “how about a game which makes each round worth an equal amount in the final results?”

The result: four 100-point rounds, with points earned for picking series winners as well as getting the number of games right.

Our minds have been bent during the Stanley Cup Playoffs and countless other major sporting events ever since!

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