Division Series Predictions


Welcome to the 2016 MLB postseason!

With 8 entries, we’ll have three prizes up for grabs from our $80 pot: $40.00, $28.00 and $12.00 for the top three places.

Series Picks Average # of Games
TEX 5 TOR 3 4.50
CLE 1 BOS 7 4.25
CHI 8 SFG 0 4.13
WSH 2 LAD 6 4.50

The Cubs are unanimous picks to advance to the next round over the Giants, with the Dodgers and Red Sox being heavy favourites, as well. Key to our game will be the Rangers-Blue Jays series, which promises a lot of on-field fireworks.

Please check that your entries have been transcribed correctly, and enjoy the baseball! Play is just getting under way!

For download: 2016-mlb-postseason-division-series-predictions.pdf

One Response to Division Series Predictions

  1. I’m glad to see nobody picked the Giants to win their series, so I don’t really have to root for the Cubs.

    Go Giants!


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