US Open Tennis Prediction Challenge! Quarterfinals Predictions

Welcome to the game!

We have six players taking part in the first tennis Prediction Challenge!

As per our prize schedule, top prize is 50% of our $60 pot ($30.00) and there will be runner-up prizes of 35% ($21.00) and 15% ($9.00).

Please find our predictions attached.

US Open Tennis 2017 Prediction Challenge! Quarterfinals Predictions.pdf

Three men’s singles players are unanimous choices to advance, while we are more split on the women’s singles matchups.

Enjoy the tennis! Good luck, everyone!

Match Picks Average # of Sets
NAD 5 RUB 1 3.50
FED 6 DPO 0 3.67
QUE 6 AND 0 4.67
CAR 6 SCH 0 4.00
PLI 5 VDW 1 2.83
KEY 5 KAN 1 2.33
WIL 2 KVI 4 2.50
STE 2 SEV 4 2.33

One Response to US Open Tennis Prediction Challenge! Quarterfinals Predictions

  1. I received John Lo’s predictions at 8:07 AM, which were not reflected in the original publication of these predictions. I have allowed him to play as I think it is in the best interest of our game–more players, more prizes and more total prize money on offer!


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