Division Series Predictions


Welcome to the 2017 MLB postseason!

With five entries, we’ll have two prizes up for grabs from our $50 pot: $37.50 to the winner, and $12.50 to the runner-up.

Little will separate us in the Division Series, with three of the four series being predicted unanimously to go the favourites, with only Michael picking the defending World Series Champion Cubs to knock off the Nationals.

Series Picks Average # of Games
CLE 5 NYY 0 4.00
HOU 5 BOS 0 4.60
LAD 5 ARI 0 4.20
WSH 4 CHI 1 4.80

Please check that your entries have been transcribed correctly, and Play Ball!

For download: 2017 MLB Postseason Prediction Challenge! Division Series Predictions.pdf

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