World Series Predictions


The Los Angeles Dodgers are our favourites heading into the World Series while two players are looking for the Houston Astros to win their first World Series title.

Our two co-leaders, Wes and John Woycheshin, have made the same 4-2 LAD prediction, meaning that they will be tied for the game regardless of how the series plays out (Wes and John had the same score in each previous round). The third player to predict the Dodgers to win, Michael, also predicted a 4-2 result, meaning Michael has no chance to finish with a prize.

On the other side, Ed and John Lo each predicted a 4-3 Houston win. Any Houston series win would put Ed and John on the podium

Here’s looking forward to an exciting finish to the baseball season and to our game!

For download: 2017 MLB Postseason Prediction Challenge! World Series Predictions.pdf


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