Matchday 5: PSG, City Still Perfect; Bayern, Beşiktaş, Chelsea and Real Madrid Now Through to Knockout Stage

​Chelsea advanced to the knockout stage of the Champions League with a game to spare after beating 10-man Qarabag 4-0 on Wednesday, securing manager Antonio Conte’s 50th victory in all competitions with the Blues.

For download: UEFA Champions League Prediction Challenge! 2017-18 Group Stage Matchday 5.pdf

Group Stage
1 Pedro Oliveira 56
2 Casey Farrell 52
3 Wes Zetaruk 42
4 Evan Howatson 38
5 Kay Otani 34
6 Doug Wansbrough 32
John Woycheshin 32
Joel Palmer 32
9 Michael Poplawski 30
10 Steffen Warias 26
11 John Lo 20

UEFA Champions League

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