Titans and Falcons Win on the Road, Jaguars and Saints Follow With Home Wins in Wild Card Weekend

Tennessee running back Derrick Henry runs for a 35-yard touchdown as part of the Titans’ 22-21 comeback win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. (Charlie Riedel/The Associated Press)

SNFL Playoffsheryl is our leader after the first round of the NFL Playoffs, being the only player to predict all four Wild Card Game winners correctly. Michael, Wes and Petr follow in the four prize spots by having two scores each close.

For download: 2018 NFL Playoffs Prediction Challenge! Wild Card Games.pdf

Wild Card Games
1 Sheryl Johnson 71
2 Michael Poplawski 56
3 Wes Zetaruk 51
4 Petr Havlik 48
5 John Woycheshin 44
6 Shaun Johnson 35
7 John Lo 30
8 John Eastaugh 20
9 Kelly Chaplin 15

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