Some may be heading from Russia, but our Prediction Challenge is just getting started!

The Group Stage has just concluded, and the teams have a day of rest.

However, Prediction Challenge players, don’t take it too easy, as your predictions (if you haven’t submitted them already) are due by bedtime Friday evening (Pacific Time), at 23:00.

For new players, especially, take note:

  • Predict which team will win each game
  • Predict how many goals each team will score through regulation and extra time. (Indeed, the two teams may be tied.)
  • Do not take into consideration any goals teams may score in the penalty shootout.

For example, if you believe the game between Brazil and Mexico will end in a shootout victory for Mexico (with a 2-2 score after 120 minutes of play), select Mexico to win and enter a score of 2 goals for both Brazil and Mexico.

You’ll find the Round of 16 Prediction Form here.