Hamilton Wins 11th Race of the Season, Final Results


Lewis Hamilton ended his title-winning Formula 1 season by dominating the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which featured a dramatic first-lap crash for Nico Hulkenberg.

Ian and John finished the season strong in our last race, choosing the better-scoring driver in eight of the nine scoring rows. Ian and John secure second and third place in our game behind Michael, whose lead was large enough to absorb a poor Abu Dhabi score. Congratulations to our podium!

I hope all players enjoyed this Prediction Challenge! and the chance to match wits with other Formula 1 fans! Thank you for playing! ~ Michael

21 Abu Dhabi.png

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Predictions and Results

Overall Standings (21 Rounds)
1 Michael Poplawski 2668 $35.00
2 Ian Aaron 2596 $24.50
3 John Lo 2576 $10.50
4 Wes Zetaruk 2560
5 John Cavelti 2546
6 Evan Howatson 2486
7 Petr Havlik 2429
21 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
1 Ian Aaron 159
John Lo 159
3 Petr Havlik 149
4 John Cavelti 133
5 Wes Zetaruk 125
6 Michael Poplawski 97
7 Evan Howatson 79

For download: FIA Formula 1 World Championship Prediction Challenge! 2018.pdf

Formula 1 2018

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