We are split on Sunday’s final winner, with top of our table picking Rafael Nadal to win his second Australian Open title (and first in 10 years), while Michael and Petr are looking to move up with his seventh January Major win.

Good luck, and enjoy the tennis!

For download: australian open prediction challenge! 2019 men’s final predictions.pdf

Standings through Women’s Final
1 Serene Ford 189
2 Eva Kafkova 143
3 Michael Poplawski 101
4 Petr Havlik 94
Match Picks Average # of Sets
DJO 2 NAD 2 3.75
Michael Poplawski Petr Havlik Eva Kafkova Serene Ford
DJO 3-0 DJO 3-1 NAD 3-1 NAD 3-1

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