Formula 1 2018

Welcome to the 2019 season!

We have eight players playing this season for three prizes of $40.00, $28.00 and $12.00.

New for 2019 in our game is the change to the Fastest Lap points: the FIA clearly took the idea from our 2018 game and is awarding a fastest lap point to a top finisher, and we will follow suit.

Another scoring change in our game will see only drivers with race-ending classifications being factored in to the places gained calculation. This will result in points being fully allocated to drivers who complete (or nearly complete) the race.

1 Australia Predictions
Australian Grand Prix Predictions

For today’s race, Lewis Hamilton and Kevin Magnussen are unanimous choices to achieve top scores in Rows 1 and 4 over Valtteri Bottas and rookie Lando Norris, respectively. All other drivers have some support from our players, with Rows 7, 8 and 10 being the most hotly contested. Look for some surprises from a Grand Prix that always seems to deliver surprises.

Good luck, and enjoy the Australian Grand Prix!

For download: FIA Formula 1 World Championship Prediction Challenge! 2019 1 Australian Grand Prix Predictions.pdf