stanley cup 2019It’s here! Welcome to the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

With 20 entries, we’re playing for a top prize of $90, with subsidiary prizes down to fifth place.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are unanimous selections to advance, while the Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames and Nashville Predators are overwhelming favourites. The Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins are also clear favourites to advance.

The two series where we are most split in our opinion as to who will win are the San Jose Sharks-Vegas Golden Knights and Winnipeg Jets-St. Louis Blues matchups.

Our predictions are summarized below.

Please ensure that I have transcribed your predictions correctly, and enjoy the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

For download: Stanley Cup Playoffs Prediction Challenge! 2019 Conference Quarterfinals Predictions.pdf

Game on!

Series Picks Average # of Games
TBL 20 CBJ 0 5.10
WSH 19 CAR 1 5.80
BOS 15 TOR 5 6.35
NYI 4 PIT 16 6.35
CGY 19 COL 1 5.60
NSH 18 DAL 2 5.95
SJS 8 VEG 12 6.50
WPG 10 STL 10 6.25