mlb postseason 2019

Welcome to the 2019 MLB Postseason!

With seven entries, we’ll have three prizes up for grabs from our $70 pot: $35.00 to the winner, $24.50 for the runner-up and and $10.50 for third place.

Each series has a clear favourite, with the Braves and Astros unanimous choices to knock off the Cardinals and Rays, respectively. The focus, for our game, will shift to the Dodgers-Nationals series where John Woycheshin is picking the Nationals for the upset, and to the Yankees-Twins, where Michael and John Lo see the Twins taking the series.

Series Picks Average # of Games
LAD 6 WSN 1 6.20
ATL 7 STL 0 6.40
HOU 7 TBR 0 5.60
NYY 5 MIN 2 6.00

Please check that your entries have been transcribed correctly, and Play Ball!

For download (PDF): MLB Postseason Prediction Challenge! 2019 Division Series Predictions