While five of the eight matchups feature unanimous choices to advance, our game will feature three matchups which may make a big impact on standings once the round is completed: PSG vs. Dortmund, Atalanta vs. Valencia and Tottenham vs. Red Bull Leipzig all have at least three players picking them to top their opponents. Our wide variety of scorelines in all eight matchups will make for some late-game drama, as well.

Enjoy the football, and good luck!

For download (PDF): UEFA Champions League Prediction Challenge! 2019-20 Round of 16 Predictions

Group Stage (Score/100)
1 Wes Zetaruk 84
2 John Woycheshin 74
3 Michael Poplawski 60
4 Tim Harris 50
Joel Palmer 50
John Lo 50
7 Doug Wansbrough 42
8 Pedro Oliveira 34

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UEFA Champions League