Thanks to all players, as nobody has complained that I’ve been slow to update these reports to reflect the NHL’s terminology for the first two rounds of the playoffs. I think they’ve been referring to them with the very imaginative “First” and “Second” rounds for a couple of years now. (I’m old enough to remember when the conferences were named after Clarence Campbell and Prince Edward of Wales.) ~Michael

Our Game

Our predictions for all series are summarized below. The Eastern Conference series will have the greatest impact on our game, with the Western Conference giving an opportunity for those who have picked upsets!

Series Picks Average # of Games
PHI 9 NYI 6 6.33
TBL 9 BOS 6 6.40
VEG 13 VAN 2 6.20
COL 12 DAL 3 6.13

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Prediction Challenge! 2020 Conference Second Round Predictions

Please ensure that I have transcribed your predictions correctly!

Game on!