Lightning Hit on All Cylinders to Open Series

The Lightning showed no signs of rust following a near week-long break after eliminating the Boston Bruins in their second-round series ( Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

For download

1Mel Tacoma158
Bob Routhier158
Doug Wansbrough158
4Adam Pilotte155
5Logan Zetaruk152
6Guy Hatchard143
7Joel Palmer139
8Michael Poplawski132
9Chris Lewtas126
10Pete McCarthy124
11John Woycheshin117
12Wes Zetaruk102
John Eastaugh102
14John Lo93
15Amy Roach72
Conference Finals
1Bob Routhier60
Doug Wansbrough60
3Michael Poplawski34
4Wes Zetaruk30
Mel Tacoma30
Adam Pilotte30
Logan Zetaruk30
Guy Hatchard30
Joel Palmer30
Chris Lewtas30
John Woycheshin30
John Lo30
13Pete McCarthy10
John Eastaugh10
Amy Roach10

🥇 $75.00 🥈 $37.50 🥉 $22.50 🍍 $15.00


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