Stars Survive Regulation, Win in Overtime

Dallas’ Alexander Radulov, right, celebrates after scoring the game-winning goal in OT of the Stars’ 3-2 Game 3 win against the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

For download

1Mel Tacoma170
Doug Wansbrough170
3Bob Routhier166
4Logan Zetaruk164
5Adam Pilotte159
6Guy Hatchard147
7Joel Palmer143
8Michael Poplawski136
Pete McCarthy136
10Chris Lewtas130
11John Woycheshin129
12Wes Zetaruk114
13John Eastaugh106
14John Lo105
15Amy Roach84
Conference Finals
1Doug Wansbrough72
2Bob Routhier68
3Mel Tacoma42
Logan Zetaruk42
John Woycheshin42
John Lo42
Wes Zetaruk42
8Michael Poplawski38
9Adam Pilotte34
Guy Hatchard34
Joel Palmer34
Chris Lewtas34
13Pete McCarthy22
Amy Roach22
15John Eastaugh14

🥇 $75.00 🥈 $37.50 🥉 $22.50 🍍 $15.00


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