Lightning Clinch Third Straight Series in Overtime, Face Stars in Final Starting Saturday

Tampa Bay’s Anthony Cirelli #71 is mobbed by teammates after scoring the game-winning goal in OT of the Lightning’s 2-1 Game 6 win over the New York Islanders to seal the East final on Thursday. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Series completed Thursday

11 players had series winner correct
7 players had series score correct

Our Game

Doug and Bob were the only players to predict the winners of both series and find themselves at the top of our standings after the third round of four in our game. Logan and Mel were two of the five players with at least one series score correct and find themselves occupying the third and fourth prize spots.

The Stanley Cup Final begins with a 4:30 start time on Saturday; predictions are due by 4 PM PDT.

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1Doug Wansbrough194
2Bob Routhier190
3Mel Tacoma178
4Logan Zetaruk172
5Adam Pilotte165
6Guy Hatchard153
7Joel Palmer149
8Michael Poplawski148
9John Woycheshin137
10Chris Lewtas136
11Pete McCarthy118
12John Lo113
13Wes Zetaruk112
14John Eastaugh104
15Amy Roach66
Conference Finals
1Doug Wansbrough96
2Bob Routhier92
3Mel Tacoma50
Logan Zetaruk50
John Woycheshin50
John Lo50
Michael Poplawski50
8Wes Zetaruk40
Adam Pilotte40
Guy Hatchard40
Joel Palmer40
Chris Lewtas40
13John Eastaugh12
14Pete McCarthy4
Amy Roach4
Second Round
1Mel Tacoma80
2Doug Wansbrough76
3Joel Palmer68
4Logan Zetaruk66
5Michael Poplawski58
Adam Pilotte58
Guy Hatchard58
Bob Routhier58
9John Woycheshin44
10Chris Lewtas40
John Eastaugh40
12Pete McCarthy38
13John Lo28
14Wes Zetaruk24
Amy Roach24
First Round
1Pete McCarthy76
2Adam Pilotte67
3Logan Zetaruk56
Chris Lewtas56
5Guy Hatchard55
6John Eastaugh52
7Wes Zetaruk48
Mel Tacoma48
9John Woycheshin43
10Joel Palmer41
11Michael Poplawski40
Bob Routhier40
13Amy Roach38
14John Lo35
15Doug Wansbrough22

🥇 $75.00 🥈 $37.50 🥉 $22.50 🍍 $15.00


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