Welcome to the 2020 MLB Postseason!

Just like in 2019, with seven entries, we’ll have three prizes up for grabs from our $70 pot: $35.00 to the winner, $24.50 for the runner-up and and $10.50 for third place.

The Dodgers are unanimous choices to defeat their nearby rivals in the Padres, while the Braves and Athletics are also favourites of ours to beat the Marlins (who have never lost a playoff series) and the Astros, respectively. We’re essentially split on the Rays-Yankees series, which could be especially heated.

Series Picks Average # of Games
LAD 7 SDP 0 5.60
ATL 6 MIA 1 5.40
TBR 3 NYY 4 6.40
OAK 5 HOU 2 5.80

Please check that your entries have been transcribed correctly, and Play Ball!

For download (PDF): MLB Postseason Prediction Challenge! 2020 Division Series Predictions