NFL PlayoffsThe NFL’s regular season is over which means one thing: 12 teams will be vying for NFL championship glory in Super Bowl LV.

The Prediction Challenge! is easy to play: just pick the game winners and the margins of victory each weekend (no more than six games to predict in any given weekend) during the playoffs. Each of the four rounds counts equally towards a player’s final score!

The Entry Form requires players to begin by selecting the teams that will win each game, and the margin of victory.

Like other Prediction Challenges, points will be awarded based on whether the winning team has been correctly predicted, and the predicted margin of victory will also be scored as well. (For the latter case, if one team is predicted to win by 3 points, the other team wins by six, that prediction is incorrect by nine points.)

Bonus points will be awarded based on how many winning teams are correct, as well as how many scores are predicted correctly to within three points.

There is no limit to the number of players who may enter.

It’s $10 to play, as usual!

Hope you’ll join us! Kickoff is Saturday morning, Victoria time!