Australian Open LogoWe are split on this intriguing Australian Open Men’s Final Matchup. Eva, Michael and Serene all came in with the same Djokovic 3-1 prediction, which seals their finishing order, and prizes, with a Djokovic victory. A Medvedev victory will put Wes on top of the podium along with John and Eva. 

Overall Standings through Women’s Final Match Prediction
1 Eva Kafkova 215 DJO 3-1
2 Wes Zetaruk 195 MED 3-1
3 Michael Poplawski 182 DJO 3-1
4 Serene Ford 180 DJO 3-1
5 John Lo 177 MED 3-1
6 Petr Havlik 34 MED 3-0

Enjoy the match, and good luck!

For download (PDF): Australian Open Prediction Challenge! 2021 Men’s Final Predictions