French Open Tennis Prediction Challenge! Quarterfinals Predictions


Bienvenue à Roland Garros!

We have six players playing for three prizes of $30.00, $21.00 and $9.00.

We have one match where we are split down the middle (Medvedev vs. Tsitsipas), while all four women’s matches have at least one of us supporting each player. The remainder of the men’s matches feature a unanimous favourite where our opinions differ only as to how many set the defeated players will win.

Bonne chance!

For download (PDF): French Open Prediction Challenge! 2021 Quarterfinals Predictions

Match Picks Average # of Sets
GAU 2 KRE 4 2.50
SAK 1 SWI 5 2.50
RYB 5 PAV 1 2.67
ZID 1 BAD 5 2.50
DJO 6 BER 0 3.83
NAD 6 SCH 0 3.83
ZVE 6 ADF 0 3.83
TSI 3 MED 3 4.50

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