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world series 2021

Our Game

While the oddsmakers have made the Houston Astros a favourite, our game is split down the middle 3-3 for each team, and the winning team will reward the players that chose them to win.

Any Houston victory will result in John Lo, Joel and Terry finishing 1-2-3, with any Braves win giving us a Michael-Wes-John Woycheshin podium.

Enjoy the series… first pitch is coming right up!

For download (PDF)

MLB Postseason Prediction Challenge! 2021 World Series Predictions

Standings through League Championship Series

      WS Prediction
1 John Lo 121 HOU 4-2
2 Joel Palmer 121 HOU 4-2
3 Michael Poplawski 104 ATL 4-3
4 Wes Zetaruk 81 ATL 4-2
5 John Woycheshin 77 ATL 4-2
6 Terry Appleby 50 HOU 4-2

🥇 $30.00 🥈 $21.00 🥉 $9.00


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