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NFL Wild-Card Takeaways: Overwhelming Rams, Cardinals Collapse Now Complete Plus, unprepared Cowboys, Chiefs-Steelers is utterly predictable, Bucs D ready to run it back, Josh Allen steals the Patriots’ souls (again), and more!

Kelly is our leader after the first round of four in our game. Kelly topped the charts thanks to being the only player to have four games predicted within three points of their actual margin, while Ed Mick, MIchael, Ed Ho and Wes Zetaruk are also close behind on the strength of predicting all six game winners.

For download (PDF): NFL Playoffs Prediction Challenge! 2022 Wild Card

Wild Card Games
1 Kelly Chaplin 66
2 Ed Mick 64
3 Michael Poplawski 62
4 Ed Ho 58
Wes Zetaruk 58
6 Joel Palmer 50
7 John Woycheshin 42
8 Rick Owens 40
9 Logan Zetaruk 39
10 John Lo 33
11 Casey Farrell 32
Doug Wansbrough 32
13 Petr Havlik 29
14 Terry Appleby 28

🥇 $70.00 🥈 $35.00 🥉 $21.00 🍍 $14.00

NFL Playoffs

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