Australian Open LogoWelcome to Australia! We’re under way!

Welcome to the Australian Open Tennis Prediction Challenge! We have five players competing for a grand prize of $37.50 and a runner-up prize of $12.50.

🥇 $37.50 🥈 $12.50

Four players in our eight matches are unanimous picks to advance to the semifinals (we only differ perhaps on how many sets their opponents will win), while the other four matches will play a larger role in who will be on top after the first of our game’s four rounds. All matches have heavy favourites, so if you’ve picked an underdog to win, and they pull off an upset, you’re well on your way to winning

Good luck to everyone, and I hope we see some great matches (even if it might cost us some sleep)!

Match Picks Average # of Sets
MON 1 BER 4 4.20
SHA 1 NAD 4 4.20
SIN 5 TSI 0 4.40
FAA 0 MED 5 4.20
BAR 5 PEG 0 2.20
KRE 5 KEY 0 2.40
COL 4 COR 1 2.60
SWI 4 KAN 1 2.40

For download (PDF): Australian Open Prediction Challenge! 2022 Quarterfinals Predictions