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With Wes and John submitting identical predictions, matters are settled between them, but not for all players in our game. A Daniil Medvedev win of any kind will give Wes and John our top two prizes, while any Rafael Nadal win will give our title to Eva, with Michael also figuring into the prizes.

Good luck, and enjoy the tennis!

Overall Final Match Prediction
1 Wes Zetaruk 240 MED 3-1
2 John Lo 231 MED 3-1
3 Eva Kafkova 189 NAD 3-1
4 Michael Poplawski 170 NAD 3-2
5 Petr Havlik 88 NAD 3-2
Match Picks Average # of Sets
NAD 3 MED 2 4.40

🥇 $37.50 🥈 $12.50

For download (PDF): Australian Open Prediction Challenge! 2022 Men’s Final Predictions