Hello, Prediction Challenge! players,

With a bit of time between new games starting here on the web site, I will be taking on a long overdue task of moving the site to a new theme that WordPress currently supports. The current look of the site is built on a WordPress theme that is actually retired. This is causing me some problems when trying to add new features, and sometimes makes it hard to do things that had worked for years. I would once again like to see the return of RSS feeds to the right sidebar of the site, a feature that broke after being a wonderful feature for years.

Things will soon look better, I hope! In the meantime, there may be some glitches that I work to overcome as quickly as I can.

I look forward to your next visit to the site, and the next action in the arena/on the court/on the track/on the field…


Update July 27: as you can see, I’ve updated the site’s theme. I am working when I can to restore the site’s full functionality for you. A little extra sweat from me during this heat wave!