Joe Musgrove held the Mets to one single over seven innings — and shrugged off an ear inspection — to oust the 101-win Amazin’s and set up what’s sure to be a lively Padres-Dodgers NLDS. San Diego became the third road club out of four to advance past the Wild Card Series.

Series Ended Sunday

1 player (Doug) had series winner correct
0 players had series score correct

Our Game

Richard is our leader after a Wild Card Series round that featured three lower seeds advancing despite playing all of their games on the road. Three players (John Lo, Richard, Terry) had as many as two series correct, but Richard was the only player to earn bonus points for that as well as having a series score correct bonus


Wild Card Series
1 Richard Owens 54
2 Terry Appleby 38
John Lo 38
4 Wes Zetaruk 30
5 John Woycheshin 14
Doug Wansbrough 14
7 Michael Poplawski 0
Ed Mick 0

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