Welcome to the FIFA World Cup Prediction Challenge! A special welcome goes out to two players who are playing in their first ever Prediction Challenge: Eleanor and Lukas!

Our Game

Predictions from 12 players are in. Please review the attached file to ensure that your predictions were transcribed correctly.

For download (PDF)

FIFA World Cup Prediction Challenge! 2022 Group Stage Predictions

Our predictions

The Netherlands and Brazil are the only consensus choice to win their group, and no pair of teams are pegged to advance in any group. In fact, only Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Costa Rica and Morocco are not predicted by a player to advance.


With twelve players taking part in the game, there are four prizes on offer for our winners: $60.00, $30.00, $18.00 and $12.00 for our champion and the three runners-up.

Updates and Form Submission

All updates and forms are posted at the Prediction Challenges! web site, and I plan to post an article with updated standings after each days’ games. Courtesy emails will be sent periodically throughout the tournament, as well at the end of each round and when a prediction form is posted.

Please note that this game has five rounds and predictions must be received before each round begins. Please note when each round begins and don’t be disappointed!

Good luck!

The opening game is just moments away, so, without further ado, enjoy the tournament and good luck with your predictions!

🥇$60.00 🥈$30.00 🥇$18.00 🍍$12.00

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