Hello, baseball fans and Prediction Challenge players!

I’m proud to introduce a new Prediction Challenge game!

The 2023 World Baseball Classic is the fifth edition of the global tournament first held in 2006. The United States is the defending champion, while Japan has won the most championships in the tournament’s young history.

More about the World Baseball Classic…


This game challenges you to pick the follow the tournament, round-by-round, and earn points based on the accuracy of your predictions. The more accurate your predictions, the higher your score!

Each round of the game is equally important to win this contest, adding to the drama… there are 100 points up for grabs in each of the four rounds.

Picks are submitted prior to each round. Prediction forms are found on this web site.

Interested? Cost is $10, with all money collected forming the prize pool.

Know someone else who would like to play? Pass this message on! More players make for more combinations and a bigger pot!

If you’re new to Prediction Challenge games, please have a look around the site at some of the other games that have been played since Prediction Challenges began back in 2004. Please let me know if you have any questions!