Conference Quarterfinals Predictions

It’s here!

Welcome to the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

For download: Stanley Cup Playoffs Prediction Challenge! 2017 Conference Quarterfinals Predictions.pdf

With 17 entries (up from 14 a year ago), we’re playing for a top prize of $85.00, with subsidiary prizes down to fourth place.

A number of series have overwhelming favourites, but all 16 teams have at least one of our players rooting for them. The key series for our standings will be the Ottawa-Boston series, where we’re essentially split. Upsets in some other series could be important, as well.

Our predictions are summarized below (corrected since original publication):

Series Picks Average # of Games
MTL 13 NYR 4 6.35
OTT 9 BOS 8 6.53
WSH 15 TOR 2 5.47
PIT 14 CBJ 3 6.24
ANA 16 CGY 1 6.06
EDM 13 SJS 4 6.29
CHI 15 NSH 2 5.71
MIN 11 STL 6 6.47

Please ensure that I have transcribed your predictions correctly, and enjoy the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Game on!

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