Formula 1 2018 Prediction Challenge! Your Invitation

Formula 1 2018For fans of Formula 1, this new Prediction Challenge! offers an exciting game for following the season!

The game will take place over 21 rounds, players submitting a prediction form before each Grand Prix: once the starting grid is established, players select one driver per grid row and will earn points for each selected driver’s:

  • overall finish (25 points for first, all the way down to 1 point for 10th)
  • places gained from grid to finish position (25 points for the most, all the way down to 1 point for 10th)
  • fastest lap (10 points if a selected driver sets the fast lap for the race)

Like all Prediction Challenge! games, cost is $10, fully redistributed to players as prizes, with predictions submitted before each of the Grands Prix . Throughout the Season, updates are posted on the Prediction Challenges! web site, and timely e-mails will make sure you don’t miss a lap.

Please join us!

Entry Form

To familiarize yourself with how scoring will work, some pro forma results from the 2017 season are posted. Some observations made during the development of the game and its rules:

  • In each row, the driver in the lower grid position has more to gain than the driver in the higher position. The question is, will they move up during the race?
  • Some drivers are not great qualifiers but consistently move up the field and finish races, earning them points in our game for that movement. Keep an eye on them (examples: Lance Stroll, Marcus Ericsson)! Conversely, high qualifying positions (and team orders) might keep some drivers limited to mostly earning points for their high placing (examples: Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Räikkönen).
  • While only five drivers won Grands Prix in 2017, twelve drivers made the biggest in-race moves, and eight drivers earned the most Prediction Challenge! points on the day.

Australian Grand Prix Prediction Form (available once qualifying is complete) | Full Rules


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