Scoring Confirmation for when driver’s grid position changes

Formula 1 2018Our first race has presented a situation I had not considered during my development of the game and I will rule on it here. It has to do with drivers whose grid position changes between the publication of the Prediction Form and the time of the race. (In this case, Valtteri Bottas’s grid position has changed from 10 to 15 as a gearbox change grid penalty has been applied. )

The Form will not be republished, but the question that arises is whether a driver is scored from the Form’s grid position or racetime grid position. I will rule that it’s the former:, i.e, it’s from the Form’s position. (There are arguments for and against this, but my belief is that’s it’s best to leave every driver’s potential placing gain the same as when players fill out their Forms).

So, please consider the game’s Rules amended as follows:

Place Points

101* points are available to the top 10 performers when comparing the Prediction Form Grid position to their finishing position. …

Please remember that you may submit your Prediction Form for a Grand Prix as often as you wish up until the Form submission deadline time. The last Form submitted will be accepted.

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