Final Grid Place Changes and Scoring for Places Gained

Dear players,

I have given more thought to this and wish to confirm how drivers will have their places gained from grid position calculated, as I’ve concluded the reason I gave earlier was weak in comparison. (I’m sorry about this.)


What you see on the screen will be what you see in the scoring.

Beginning with the Bahrain Grand Prix, drivers will have their places gained calculated from their final grid position, i.e., where they start on track at race time.

This will allow for two appropriate outcomes for our game:

  • the drivers’ actual performances from grid to finish will be measured
  • the drivers’ performances can be observed on during the race in the television commentary and graphics

I believe that these are much stronger reasons than the one given earlier (that players should know the potential number of places the driver might be able to gain at Form submission time).

So, I will amend this for what should be the final time. The scoring for the first race (Australian Grand Prix) will be left as is, i.e., scored as I explained that it would be scored before the race, and the final grid application will begin with the next race.

As a final note in regards to this, I ask players to make their predictions with the understanding that the final grid may change not only after the Form is published, but even after the Form submission time passes.

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