FrenchopenHello, tennis fans!

Prediction Challenges! finally completes its own Grand Slam, now offering all four tournaments on its schedule! The terre battue of Roland Garros finally joins our suite of games.

If you’re new to Prediction Challenge games, please have a look around the site at some of the other games that have been played since Prediction Challenges began back in 2004. Please let me know if you have any questions!


This game challenges you to pick the winners of matches in both the men’s and women’s singles events, round-by-round, and the number of sets it will take them to win. The more accurate your predictions, the higher your score!

Each round of the game is equally important to win this contest, adding to the drama…there are 100 points up for grabs in each of the four rounds (Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Women’s Final, Men’s Final).

Picks are submitted prior to each round. As tennis tournaments run on a tight schedule, please be mindful that you will need to provide your predictions before the matches begin. Entry and prediction forms are found on the Prediction Challenges! web site.

How to play

Interested? Cost is $10 to play, all money collected goes into the game’s prize pool.

Entry deadlines are shortly before the beginning of each tournament round. While playing, please pay attention to the French Open tournament schedule! Weather or other factors may result in predictions being required on relatively short notice.

Do you know someone else who would like to play? Pass this message on! More players make for more combinations and a bigger pot!