French Open Tennis Prediction Challenge! Quarterfinals Predictions


Bienvenue à Roland Garros!

We have five players playing for two prizes of $37.50 and $12.50.

For the first of four rounds in our game, there are three unanimous picks to advance to the semifinals, but also three matches where we are essentially split in our opinion. We can look forward to two days of exciting matches on the clay and in our game.

Enjoy the matches, and good luck!

For download: French Open Prediction Challenge! 2018 Quarterfinals Predictions.pdf

Match Picks Average # of Sets
HAL 5 KER 0 2.60
MUG 3 SHA 2 2.20
PUT 1 KEY 4 2.20
STE 3 KAS 2 2.60
NAD 5 SCH 0 3.20
CIL 1 DPO 4 4.00
CEC 0 DJO 5 3.40
THI 3 ZVE 2 4.60

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