Lewis Hamilton swept to a virtually unchallenged win in the 2018 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix as another Ferrari tactical blunder cost Sebastian Vettel the chance of victory.

Michael increased his lead at the top of our game by predicting the better-scoring driver in nine of the ten rows, including being the only player to predict the high-scoring ninth and tenth rows correctly. Best of the rest of us were John Lo and Ian, who, along with Wes, are threatening John Cavelti in third place. Only seven points separate the third (and last prize spot) and sixth place in our game.

15 Singapore
Singapore Grand Prix Results
Overall Standings  (15 Rounds)
1 Michael Poplawski 1852
2 Evan Howatson 1793
3 John Cavelti 1773
4 Wes Zetaruk 1770
5 Ian Aaron 1767
6 John Lo 1766
7 Petr Havlik 1638
15 Singapore Grand Prix
1 Michael Poplawski 139
2 John Lo 120
3 Ian Aaron 118
4 Wes Zetaruk 111
5 Petr Havlik 110
6 Evan Howatson 92
7 John Cavelti 88

For download: FIA Formula 1 World Championship Prediction Challenge! 2018 15 Singapore Grand Prix

15 Drivers
Driver Standings through Singapore Grand Prix (click to enlarge)


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