Group Stage Predictions

UEFA Champions League

For download: UEFA Champions League Prediction Challenge! 2018-19 Group Stage Predictions.pdf

Welcome to the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League Prediction Challenge!

With 10 players this year (welcome, Tim!), we will be playing for a top prize of $50.00, with subsidiary prizes of $25.00, $15.00 and $10.00.

Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Real Madrid are the only unanimous choices to win their group, with Roma in Group G as a unanimous choice to finish behind Madrid.

Group C looks to be important to us Liverpool has been predicted to finish anywhere from first to third, just as Schalke 04 is in Group D. TSG Hoffenheim in Group F has been predicted to finish anywhere from second to fourth, while in Group H, Manchester United has been predicted to finish anywhere from first to third. These will be the groups to watch!

The ball is already rolling! Enjoy the Prediction Challenge!, and enjoy the games! Good luck!

One Response to Group Stage Predictions

  1. The biggest challenge many of us (myself included) is how to watch games and highlights. I only learned last night that DAZN won Canadian broadcasting rights for the next 3 years, replacing TSN, who had have been doing between a good to great job for as long as I’ve watched Champions League. I’ll also miss very much ZDF’s Wednesday night game coverage and roundup of the week’s action.

    If you have any viewing tips for this new reality, feel free to share them!


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