Boston Red Sox third baseman Eduardo Nunez, left, celebrates with relief pitcher Craig Kimbrel, centre, and catcher Christian Vazquez after the Red Sox eliminated the New York Yankees in Game 4 on Tuesday night. (Julie Jacobson/The Associated Press)

Series ended Tuesday:

4 players has series winner correct
3 players had series score correct

Neil is our leader through the first round of three in our game on the strength of having all four series winners correct. Michael follows in second place thanks to having two series scores exactly correct.

For download: MLB Postseason Prediction Challenge! 2018 Division Series.pdf

Division Series (100)
1 Neil Edgington 78
2 Michael Poplawski 64
3 John Woycheshin 54
Ed Mick 54
5 John Lo 48

MLB Postseason 2018